Seeweex was created from love to the sea and nature. What we had in mind was to find a balance between the benefits that new technology brings and taking care of health and wild environment. We belive that everything that is good for a human you can find in nature. That is why all ingredients in our products are bio and natural and the technique made it possible to mix them all together and put them into boxes to give your skin all the best from nature.

As we spent a part of our life living on the coast of Ireland we were sure that this beautiful green island has a huge amount of treasures in it’s wild nature, known for centuries but a little bit forgotten for a while. And that is how Seeweex was born.

Once thay said: You are what you eat, we say You are what you put on your skin, because everything you put on your skin comes directly to your body and cells and has a huge impact on your whole body, and this is why the ingredients are so important – this is SEEWEEX!

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