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Our products allow you to enrich your cosmetologist offer with exceptional biological renewal and spa treatments that your clients will love. Look at the descriptions below and see the verity of Seaweex rituals!

Hydrating, nourishing, soothing treatment for sensitive and dry skin

Improves skin structure, leaving the skin smooth, deeply nourished and hydrated. It soothes irritations and leaves a feeling of freshness.

Tips for use:
Wash your client's face normally before the treatment.
Use peeling Seaweex Shimmer Scrub and massage to rid of the dirt and dead skin than rinse the scrub.
Apply Seaweex My Sunshine Oil on wet skin massage gently.
Apply Seaweex My Secret mask for 15 minutes.
Use a wet towel to wipe whatever has been left.
Apply Seaweex Serum My desire and a Happy Daycream.
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Laminaria Luxury Face Wrap

Innovative anti aging treatment, with natural seaweed leaves. Brings an immediate effect of well rested skin, reduces fine lines, hydrates and boost kollagen production. Used regularly increases the production of natural collagen fiber by 200%,

Tips for use:
Put 1 roll of dried seaweed into a glass of warm water for 10 minutes and meanwhile prepare your client's face (after make up removal we suggest to pell of the dead skin and dirt with Shimmer Scrub).
Cut the leaves to make them fit properly and apply on the face and neck. Cover the face with foil or electric heating mask, leave for 20-30 minutes (during this time a precious seaweed juice is being released).
Take off the leaves and massage gently until the rest of a seaweed juice is absorbed.
Apply serum Seaweex My desire and a Happy Day cream.
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Laminaria luxury Body Leafes Wrap

Luxurious, innovative, organic treatment. Helps to rid of the toxins, stimulates the body circulations and draws out the impurities, complements minerals that might be missing, has immediate smoothing effect, that's just perfect for people fighting with obesity, cellulite and depression

Tips for use:
Use warm water to wet the skin and use Seaweex Shimmer Scrub and massage gently the areas you want to apply the leaves or a whole body,
meanwhile put the whole roll of dried seaweed for 1 treatment to a glass of warm water (for no longer than 15 minutes). Wipe the scrub using wet towels.
Apply seaweed and leave for 30 minutes, covering areas to which seaweed has been applied with a foil and electric heating blanket or a normal blanket.
Take of the leaves and apply Seaweex My Sunshine Oil and massage whole body (you can do the relaxing, antycellulite, refleksology massage).
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Seaweed Bath

Thalassotherapy treatment bring all the minerals and trace elements not only to your skin but also to your body
complements minerals and trace elements: iodine, zinc, copper, calcium, magnese, selenium, chromium etc, softens and smoothes the skin, calms body and mind, restores hydrolipid balance, hydrates and firmes the skin, soothes irritations and eczema, stimulates skin renewal processes.

Tips for use:
Put an amount of dried organic Fucus Serratus into warm water.
Full body bath with natural organic seaweed Fucus Serratus is recommended to use with music therapy or a color therapy.
Foot bath therapy before pedicure.
Hand spa before manicure.
You can allways use Seaweex My Sunshine oil to finish the Seaweed Bath treatment with a massage.
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Body Wrap treatment

Anticellulite firming treatment that also minimizes strech marks, highly recommended 2 times a week in series of 10 during the obesity fight.

Tips for use.
Wet the skin with warm water and scrub whole body gently with  Seaweex Shimmer Scrub, next wipe the scrub using wet towels.
Apply Seaweex Body Wrap Mask and cover it with foil and a blanket or use an electric heating blanket and leave it for 40 minutes.
Wipe with towels or rinse under the shower.
Apply Seaweex My sunshine oil and do the anticellulite, firming, or vacum cups massage.

Face Wrap Treatment
Body mask wrap is also great for oily face skin as a part of antiance treatment. As it contains green and white clays which absorb dirt, oil, bacteria, gently cleans the pores, while seaweed smooths and hydrates deep parts of skin. Skin is left soft and pores minimized. Can be used after manual clining.
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All the products and treatments mentioned above can be mixed what gives you possibilities to create individual treatments adjusted especially for client individual needs.
My Sunshine oil is suitable for any kind of body and face massages..
Feel free to contact us for any further information and a beauty salon discount.

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